Imagine you wanting to hit the open road with basically nothing to travel the United States and all you have for transportation is your thumb.



It's a pastime from back in the 20th century people used to ramble-on to find what's what, to live a different perspective and go "Kerouac" on everyone for awhile. Many people I know have hitchhiked around the country and have done it safely. You also hear or read about horror stories of people going missing and not to mention that fictional movie 'The Hitcher', sometimes it seems like it's a dangerous gamble to rely on a stranger.


With all that said, is hitching a ride in Montana legal or Illegal?

With such a big state, sometimes it would seem like a logical thing to do if one didn't have any other means of transportation.

Turns out in Montana, it technically illegal to hitchhike.

According to Montana Code 61-8-507 Pedestrian Soliciting Rides, Business, Or Contributions:

-A person may not stand on a roadway for the purpose of soliciting a ride.

-A person may not stand on a highway for the purpose of soliciting employment, business, or contributions from the occupant of a vehicle unless the solicitation is authorized by the proper jurisdictional authority.

People on the internet say that one can get around this by NOT STANDING in a roadway while soliciting a ride, but I'm unsure if a law enforcement officer would see it any differently.

I'll go on the record saying I do not condone breaking the law. However, if it's necessary to hitchhike, do it safely and be aware of your surroundings.

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