Recently I've started to hit the gym again, holiday pounds, stress, and a busy life had me upside down.

I quit going for awhile, when I mean awhile, I mean 90+ days without a single gym session.

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I touched base with my former and now current trainer Drew Johnson to get some perspective and get healthier. The program starts with building blocks like habits and mind rewiring followed by a new workout plan that is engineered towards a persons limits and capabilities.

Before I started the program, I headed into the gym and started kind of early to just get the feel for things again before I had to maintain a bespoke workout plan. There were some things out there that I loved beforehand and some new things I love now.

I wanted to share with you some workouts that I love that make training and physical activity fun for me again.



Resistance band workouts have been my jam since I've started my fitness journey, and it continues to be when I picked it all back up. Options are almost limitless on how you get your workout in and it's always a good thing to use your own body weight to your advantage.



This being one of my favorite workouts, it feels pretty satisfying to lift over your own body weight using your legs. Sometimes I like to double my own body weight on the rack for a 1 rep max lift.



Can you tell I don't like to skip leg day? I always have fun working out using the biggest muscle in the human body and as an added bonus it's great for fat loss! I love to build up to heavy weights and have that one rep max.



This workout is one of my favorites because of how involved it is in excising the whole body and it gets my heart rate going almost instantly. It feels like I've accomplished a lot.


What are your favorite ways to stay fit? What are your favorite stations?

Let me know on social media.

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