I have been playing guitar for over half my life. When I got into it, I had my country picker grandfather help me with the basics and set me in the right direction, from there it was up to me as far as learning new things to play because our family could not really afford lesson at the time, and if I did get lessons, knowing my mother, it would have been for violin or piano.


However, sometimes things can slump, you get board of what your learning and how you learn it. Before we had the magic of YouTube, my face was buried in books and printed out online tablatures.

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If you are unaware of what tablatures or "tabs" are, they are an alternative to sheet music and works as somewhat of a roadmap of exercises or songs to play on the fly. I use those because it takes me a lot of thinking and time to read music even to this day.


Over the last few years social media and the internet has caught up to guitar lessons. If you hit the search bar on YouTube, one can find any and everything to learn on guitar. You name it. Form, genre, scales, technique and mostly any song you can think of playing.

Furthermore, TikTok surprisingly has been a great reference tool for learning guitar. The short form videos help to get up close and personal with what your trying to learn and there are a lot of people there putting out lesson that are comprehensive and easy.

If you are looking to get into guitar, there's no better time than the present to start.



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