Whats better than having a party, playing music, making noise, having fun?

Sometimes next to nothing, and here in Montana, we can whoop it up until the cows come home. However, some need to sleep and go to work in the morning. Usually people know quiet hours and it fluctuates whether it's during the week, Friday and Saturday, and certain holidays during the year.

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It's great to express ourselves but can someone make too much noise? I would think that depends on who you are.


State and city officials think otherwise. They have a set amount of noise one can make at anytime.

According to The City of Great Falls, there isn't a dedicated decibel reading that is too loud, however they do stipulate that excessive sounds or noises are prohibited and there are exceptions to the rule. It includes, animals, stereos, and equipment. They have a section in their Neighborhood Guide to Great Falls City Code.

Excessively loud noises are prohibited. This includes sound amplification equipment (speakers), animal noise and construction equipment. Permissible noise limits depends on the nature and location of the noise, and the time of day.

At some point there can be a noise ordinance violation and or a Public Nuisance violation and can result in a $500 fine.

Noise can possibly be put under public nuisance according to Montana Code 45-8-111, can fall under the clause of "offensive to the senses".

a condition that endangers safety or health, is offensive to the senses, or obstructs the free use of property so as to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property by an entire community or neighborhood or by any considerable number of persons.

Download, print, or obtain these guides from the city and maybe keep in bounds to avoid trouble in your neighborhood.

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