Adventures in Montana during the summer are the best full of outdoor activities that we all try to pack in during the three or so months that it lasts.

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Fishing, swimming, hiking and camping are all things we love to do. All of us think of things to help along the way like sunscreen, water and basic bug repellent, and all the gear we need. Sometime we need a little more fire power when it come to bigger, more annoying bugs then that of the mosquito or the tick.

Deer and tick flies are a apart of the Montana ecosystem. If you have never heard of them, you have probably seen them. CANVA CANVA

These are rather big blood sucking insects that are a pest to their name sake and humans as well with similar actions to that of the mosquito.

When they land they can look nasty and intimidating.

There are ways to keep them off your back so to speak while you're enjoying your summer.


According to a news report, DEET has been known to keep the horse and deer flies away for a number of hours, as well as essential oils like, Citronella, Lavender and peppermint work as well.


Hats and light colored clothing helps a lot with keeping the intruding bugs away. Maybe find something breathable for summer. For an extra approach, try putting a dryer sheet in the pocket of what your wearing.

Water Sources

The same news report talked about water and why to avoid it. Water is a breading grown for all the different insects that try to harvest blood. They gestate from larval stage in the muddy backs and in stagnant waters. If you can stand it, keep fishing.

Do you have ways of keeping the deer and horse flies off you back? Let us know on social media.

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