There are a lot of really great things that we call our own as state symbols here in Montana.

Animals of all shapes and sizes, minerals, sandwiches and spices. It's all a little piece of home to share with the rest of the world.

One thing I read about this week is Montana's own lullaby. I feel like I should have know about this a long time ago, but thanks to MTPR's The Big Why, I got a full education on this wonderful little tune for sleepy time in Montana.

Did you know Montana has a state lullaby?
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Ken Overcast was interviewed by MTPR on his song "Montana Lullaby".

According to the interview it was originally written by Overcast and an old cowboy named Wylie Gustafson, originating many years ago from a country song without lyrics called The Big Sky Lullaby.

In the interview piece MTPR's Edward O'Brien describes the song about an old cowboy:

It's basically about a lonesome cowboy out on the range, missing Jenny, his sweetie. It's uncomplicated, old school and just as sweet as molasses.

Ken Overcast is an old cowboy musician from the hi-line in Chinook, MT. In the interview they describe his love for music going back to the 70's and 80's with him playing dance bands to earn money when times were tough. His love for music translated years later in the birth of our lovely official state lullaby after he recorded it to Compact Disc.

After being passed to a Billings disc jockey, the song was made official by the state in 2007.

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