Is Sandra Merchant, Cascade County clerk and recorder and elections administrator, an evil genius or is she as incompetent as the rumors about her say?

Let's go back to the November election for a background so you know why I'm suspicious.

Last year in May The Electric reported, we had a group of people in Great Falls who requested a meeting with the City Commission to discuss election integrity in Cascade County.  Basically, it came down to they wanted to abolish mail in voting and hand count every election.  They had their band of "election watchers" go to over 200 homes in Great Falls, (in a population around 60,000) and gave the commission their findings.

Then, on election day, we had this

Jasmine Cassandra
Jasmine Cassandra
Jasmine Cassandra
Jasmine Cassandra

Then, in February 2023, The Electric reported that our county officials were looking for someone to handle mail service and elections as IPS would be closing at the end of February.

Now, The Electric is reporting that local officials are clambering to find out how upcoming elections will be handled after Sandra Merchant, Cascade County Clerk and Recorder and elections administrator has let it be known that her office not only can't handle a mail in election, but there are doubts as to if she can handle it at all.  For details on this story, click the highlighted link above.

Here are the two things that won't quit swirling around my mind:

1.  The Library Levee is coming up and some Great Falls citizens have jumped on the "Drag Queen Story Hour Is Hurting Our Children" bandwagon.  Is this a ploy to put the vote off until November so they can rant and rave about how cross-dressing is destroying America and gather together a group of election protestors in case they don't get their way in the election?

God knows kids were never exposed to men in drag until Drag Queen story time.


2.  She really is just that completely, totally and utterly incompetent.  How sad is that?

Rina Fontana-Moore would have had this handled.  I'm absolutely certain of it.  Nice work, Great Falls.

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