Today the US military are out in the ocean trying to find the last scraps of the controversial Chinese balloon discovered some days ago. Officials claimed that they were waiting until it was over a "safe area", 12 miles out to sea to shoot down preventing injury or other weird stuff happening upon its crash to earth.

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As we are all aware, people had questions about what it was doing in our air space, they had questions on why it was not immediately shot down and retrieved for research.

None of us are sure of what it really is/was and I have a feeling we will have to wait a bit for the answers to come out because no one believes that it was merely a weather balloon as the Chinese government insists.

There's new evidence of three more types of balloons during the Trump Administration. and from what we know, the balloon has followed weather patterns.

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My question is for the American people.

Why cry and worry over something like this when theoretically, whom ever wanted to infiltrate and survey the lives and terrain of our country already have potentially with technology in our everyday life?

Smart Tech

I'm talking smartphones, smart televisions, smart speaker, smart homes or anything that has a camera, microphone, internet connection, etc.

These devices have been common place for at least 13 years in homes gathering photography, and data, lots of data and your devices for the most part tell you.


Social Media

Social media is something to be concerned about. It's so common place that mostly no one thinks about it and the terms of service that a person agrees to before entering. Take a look at TikTok's terms of service. They are a China owned company where they can track things like key strokes, pictures, and data from other apps on a smartphone.


I'm aware of the potential surveillance capabilities of a supposed spy balloon, but there has been surveillance of various magnitudes since the cold war. Not to mention the United States government has the most bases and eyes all over the planet.

I don't want to make light of a potentially bad situation, I just want to know why everyone is so surprised and upended over this when it's literally all around us.

Just something to think about.

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