It's National Women's History Month.  Not to toot my own horn, but I'm a woman.

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I love hearing about the contributions from women throughout history.  I remember watching the history channel one day and finding out the first farmer EVER was a woman.  It was a cool moment to know that a woman "founded" farming.  Who would have guessed.

Women have done a lot of other cool things in history, as well.  Like the math it took to get the men to the moon and back.  Or how about the things women have done to make vehicles and driving better?  Turns out, it's a lot.  I knew about windshield wipers and turn signals.  But there are a lot of other things.  Ford ran a commercial on March 8, National Women's Day, pointing out the contributions women have made to the auto industry.  It's pure gold.  Thanks, Ford!

Who knew that about vehicles? Pretty cool way to salute women in the auto industry, don't you think?

Women's history month is nice.  It's important to remind some people that we do contribute more than just having babies.  I'm a woman's woman in that I look out for other women, but I'm not always screaming that I hate men.  On that note, I wanted you all to check out this article:

This guy is straight up a fool.  I'm going to quote Nick Northern when he showed me the above article, "Every day is men's day".

If you can't handle 31 days of talking about women and their contribution to society, are you REALLY a man?  In Montana, our men stand up and applaud their women.  I guess not so much in Idaho.

Inventions Made By Women

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