More TikTok Tends?

There is an ocean different trends on TikTok that are ridiculous and dangerous. Some test these things out so you don't have to. There's one online that can be tested with common household items.

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A TikTokker named Not An Undercover Cop claims that you can hack a law enforcement speed detector gun with a common stud finder one can find at a hardware store.

@not_an_undercover_cop.aI promise Im not an undercover cop trying to trick speeders into getting caught on radar! Trust me #satire #didyouknow #youmissedthejoke♬ original sound - Not an Undercover Cop

The video states that if one engages the stud finder while a cop is tracking your speed, it will read an error message instead of your actual current speed.

Others on the online video app have tested this out in a simulated scenario.


@endlesspossibilitiesauto Tik Tok Myth Exposed!! Laser speed gun vs Stud Finder #Studfinder #Laserspeedgun #mythbusters@radenso ♬ original sound - Endless Possibilities Auto

As you can see, this is indeed CAP.

A regular stud finder cannot jam up a Law Enforcement Radar gun.

There are and have been gadgets that do in fact detect and jam up radars that people have been using for 30 years.

Whether or not you think Not An Undercover Cop is joking or totally serious, This TikTok trend does not work. I would not speed in front of a cop and get pulled over with a stud finder.

You might get a ticket and be made fun of at the same time.


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