Warm weather is here and summer is on the way.

It's a great opportunity get outside, get some sun and fresh air a learn more about bird species and where they are in Montana.


There are many places to observe birds in Montana, from what I understand, the term is called "Birding" or more commonly called "birdwatching" and according to Wikipedia is the observing of birds, either as a recreational activity or as a form of citizen science. A birdwatcher may observe by using their naked eye, by using a visual enhancement device like binoculars or a telescope, by listening for bird sounds, or by watching public webcams.

This pertains mostly to recreational watching of birds as a form of socializing which is amazing for metal health and learning.

You Can Start Birding Right Now!

Doing some research on the internet, I found well versed information on birding in Montana

Mtaudubon.org is an excellent source to start when planning a birding trip to anywhere you might be in this fine state of ours, they were established in 1976 as an independent statewide conservation organization. They have a mission to promote knowledge, appreciation, and conservation of Montana native birds.

They go on to further explain their mission and purpose in Montana:

In our vision for the future, we seek to create an environment in which all of Montana’s native bird species have healthy, sustainable populations, ensured by long-term habitat security. Montana Audubon uses science, conservation education and engages in public policy work to protect our state’s incomparable wildlife and landscapes.

They have Birdwatching hotspots and charts available online for anyone to look at to get started both zeroing in on towns in Montana as well as regions to get a wider sense of species to observe. They're are clubs in the state you can join and grab information from as well.

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To get you started, and thinking about birds I put together a gallery of the top 10 birds seen in Montana according to Stacker.com.

Happy Birding!

Top 10 Birds Observed In Montana

These are some of the top birds seen in Montana according to Stacker.com



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