Getting a DUI is obviously never fun. There's court, fees, punishment to deal with as well as the social aspect of have no car and once other aware of the infraction, one's job could be in jeopardy.

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In Montana DUI is taken very seriously by the government and it's municipalities because it makes roads unsafe for everyone including the drunk driver behind the wheel. Imprisonment happens as well as fines, and can be doubled if the driver is accompanied by a minor under the age of 16.


After all of this happens and a citizen has paid fines as well as completed classes and community service the DUI has to be resolved and taken off a record, doesn't it?

From an article from, it states that most DUIs stay on a persons record for ten years and in some cases like Texas, Idaho, Illinois, and Alaska the DUI stays on a record for life and when one gets a DUI in one particular state, it will show up in another which is something very logical that I was not aware of.

According to Montana is the 12th highest DUI rate in the nation with 4,020 DUI's annually.

How long does a DUI stay on a record in Montana?

A DUI if convicted in the state of Montana stays on an individual's driving record for 10 years.

This will show up on any background check that may be pulled up from potential employers, firearms dealers, as well as insurance companies.

10 years is along time to worry about a DUI on record, so it might be a good idea to Uber from the bar and play it safe.

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