Great Falls is normally a pretty quiet and great place to live.

As of recently, we have had a bit of dangerous crime in the streets that has put concern on the citizens of this town.

On Friday evening while my wife and I were walking home on second ave south, we witnessed an alarming amount of things that happened.

As we walked we saw cars driving the wrong way on a one-way, as well as being a victim of a drive-by paintballing.

There was a vehicle that sped past us and my wife complained about a sting on her leg. We looked down and there was blue paint. We are fine, there was just a bit of light bruising both physically and mentally.

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Normally this would all be in good fun to be shot with a paint ball, but that's in a controlled  area of gameplay. With the recent shootings going on, it seems a bit scary for someone to drive by and shoot someone with anything.

Stuff like this really frightens me, if a person has the audacity to drive around tagging people with a paintball gun, who's to say that people won't graduate to real firearms?

That sting my wife felt could've been a real bullet.

I feel like actions like this put people's emotions on a slippery slop that can only result in more fear and division in a time were things are already on thin ice.

Maybe cut back on the pranks before someone else gets hurt in our lovely city.

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