Looking for some summer fun for you and your furry best friend?  Look no further, DogDash is coming this summer to a Montana town near you.

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What is DogDash?

According to the founder, Christian, DogDash's mission is to help dogs stay with their people forever and live a healthy happy life.

They're looking to create a celebration of dogs and the joy they bring to the lives of people.  Everyone and every dog that attends has a chance to play games, conquer obstacles and even make new friends.  They also aim to connect people with shelters so they can also experience the joy a dog can bring to your life, while saving a homeless pet.

Where Are DogDash Events?

Story Mill Community Park, 3k obstacle course, DogDash Pop Up Festival Area, dog contests and a chance to fill up treat goodie bags.

DogDash Pop Up to benefit Big Sky Happy Tales at Silver Park.  Festival Pop Up Area, dog contests and a chance to fill up treat goodie bags.

Held during the annual Drool in the Pool event at Electric City Water Park. In conjunction with the City of Great Falls Animal shelter this event features DogDash 3k obstacle course plus dog contests and prizes.


Get The Gear And Help At The Same Time

What I loved about the DogDash website is that one hundred percent of the proceeds earned in the shop are donated to local animal shelters.  Today is a great day for you to get the T-shirt and a sweet matching bandana for your dog, all while helping dogs who are less fortunate.  With the added bonus of you can look super cool twinning it up at DogDash.

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