In America and the mid-west people love their dips.

That love for dips translates to Montana.

In all of my years living, eating and discovering different cuisine, I've always bumped into this condiment one way or another.

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Ranch Dressing.

According to Wikipedia, it was invented by a Nebraska native moved to Alaska as a plumbing contractor. He made the dip to keep his crew happy working up in the Alaskan bush. Ever since then it has be a mainstay in pretty much every household except for my dad's.

It's in my house, it's your house. My wife calls chicken strips "Ranch Shovels". Wikipedia tells me that ranch has been the number one salad dressing since 1992. As a country, we can't seem to get away from it and I'm not necessarily saying is a bad thing. We just have a lot of it.


A dude on the Montana Reddit page early this morning asked a complicated question.

Why do we eat so much ranch?
by u/theycallmemaskface in Montana

It's tangy, creamy, sometimes spicy, it seems like the most fitting neutral liquid that is also quite flavorful.

The comments are priceless.

Foreigners enter the chat mad at Americans for not cluing them in on the tasty  concoction. Other Montanans eat ranch just for the soul purpose of not eating blue cheese dressing, I was in that boat until I actually tried blue cheese dressing.

A food service worker in Montana posted in reddit that their restaurant goes through sixteen gallons of ranch every two days.

That's a lot of ranch.


Does Montana eat too much ranch?

Some say yes, and some say "SHUT UP, NERD!" and demand a refill.

You decide in the comments on Social Media.

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