Have you heard the legend of the Little People of Pryor Mountain?

According to Ancient Pages, the Crow Indians have a legend about little people living in the Pryor Mountains.

According to the legend, these little people are about 18 inches high, have large round bellies and are very strong.  They were said to be aggressive fighters that were rumored to be able to rip the heart right out of a horse.  It's also rumored that they would take children as punishment for a perceived slight, or they may destroy all of the belongings, or an entire family of a rival for revenge. Another legend says they will kill anyone who approached the hill.

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Chief Plenty Coups mentioned the little people in more than one spirit walk.  Today they are credited with shaping the destiny of the Crow Tribe.  Along with their strength and thirst for revenge, they're said to help heal, bless and teach some people that crossed their path.

Merriweather Lewis even wrote about the little people in the journal he kept during the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Here's where it gets really weird.  Wikipedia says remains of little people have been found all over the United States, but particularly in Montana and Wyoming.  They say they're perfectly formed little people that are typically found in caves.  Archeologist Lawrence L. Loendorf told of sending these finds to museums to be analyzed, and they would disappear.

To this day, in Montana, the legend persists.  There's talk of them being spotted in the Pryor Mountains hunting or blocking the road. To be on the safe side, if you're ever in that neck of the woods, steer clear of the Pryor Mountains.

Photos: 2021 Crooked Creek Fire in Pryor Mountains, Montana

"Wildland fire on public lands managed by the Custer Gallatin National Forest, 25 miles east of Bridger, Mont., in the Pryor Mountains near the southern border of the Crow Indian Reservation." (Photos by Colby K. Neal/BLM) - Bureau of Land Management Montana and Dakotas

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