A specter roams the lonely US Highway 87 in Montana between Great Falls and Fort Benton.

At least that's what people say.

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People have been commuting in and out of this town on highway 87 for decades and may not know that the very road their car drives upon has been allegedly haunted for decades.

It's known as the Hitchhiker of Black Horse Lake

The story as I understand it is that individuals driving this highway say they have witnessed what appears to be a lone Native American hitchhiker with long black hair wearing jeans walking along the road with their thumb up looking for a ride. Once their car starts to pass the hitchhiker, it is said that the ghost rolls over the front of the hood of the car as if its being struck by the automobile.

Many have stopped their vehicles to see if there was indeed someone on the ground to find no one is there. There has been hundreds of reports over the years of this happening. Many believe that it is a ghost of a Indigenous man that was struck by a vehicle long ago, however there has not been any documentation of such things that occurred of any sort.

I personally have not experienced this driving down highway 87 and I don't really believe in ghosts or the paranormal. I do however find the legend very entertaining, and if its real, I hope that the man on the highway someday finds his ride home.


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