My Instagram account was cloned today.

My first thought is who would ever want to impersonate me?  I am hands-down, one of the most boring people you will ever meet.  Second thing I thought was, great.  This is my day now.

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A faceless man holding up his hand and it says, "You have been hacked".

Here's what I've learned:

Is There A Difference Between Hacking And Cloning?

Yes and the difference is big.   From LinkedIn:


When your account is hacked, the attacker can:

  • Change your password, locking you out of your own account
  • Post or share inappropriate content on your behalf
  • Send spam or malicious links to your friends
  • Access and steal your personal information


The purpose of a cloned profile is typically to:

  • Send friend requests to your existing friends, who may accept them, believing it's you
  • Send phishing messages or malicious links to your friends, pretending to be you
  • Attempt to gather personal information from your friends or establish trust for future scams
A post showing a fake cloned instagram account and the real instagram account that was cloned
Debbie Clapshaw//Tammie Toren//Canva

What Do You Do If Your Account Is Cloned?

From Instagram's Help Center:

Report an account that's impersonating you on Instagram

Instagram takes safety seriously. If someone created an Instagram account pretending to be you, you can report it to us.
If you have an Instagram account, you can report it to us from within the Instagram app.

What Can You Do If Your Friend's Account Is Cloned?

Report it to the app that has the cloned account.  Then, tell your friend so they can turn the account in for  impersonating as well.

As for my friends, thank you to those of you who got in touch with me this morning.  For the others, please turn in this bogus account.

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