If you leave too much snow and ice on your windshield, can you get a fine?


According to NBC Montana, Montana doesn't have an official snow on cars law, but it does have a law that says if you can't see everything while driving, or you're driving a hazardous vehicle you can be fined $85. AND if there is snow and ice on your windshield enough to impair your ability to see properly, you could get a ticket ranging from $10 to $100 at the officers discretion.  It doesn't matter how much you argue that the basketball sized windshield clearing you've done is safe.  It's not safe and the officer will let your wallet do the apologizing.

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We've all seen the people who manage a small circle on the windshield that's been cleared, barely the size of an adult face, and they're barreling to get wherever they need to go.

The hazards of driving this way

Blind spots out the wazoo.  When you only clear one tiny space, and leave your back window and side windows covered, you can accidentally side-swipe someone driving next to you, cut them off by accident, or a plethora of other nightmare scenarios.

Causing snow and ice to fly onto cars behind or next to you.  Nothing says "Final Destination Death" quite like a huge chunk of ice flying into your windshield while you're driving.  Or talk about a blind spot, the jack wad ahead of you couldn't manage to sweep the snow off the roof of their rig, and now it's covering your windshield.

Make sure you're not THIS guy.  Take the extra 10 minutes to clean off your car.  Seriously.  Do it.

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