Ever wonder how candy canes came to be or why we kiss under the mistletoe? The Pioneer Woman  and the History Channel have the answers.

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The 12 facts of Christmas

Why Do Kids Leave Cookies And Milk For Santa?

  • During the great depression, children did this to keep the spirit of giving and sharing alive even in times of extreme hardship.
Cookies on milk with a christmas background and a note that says for santa

Coca Cola Played A Huge Roll In How We See Santa

  • Back in 1931, Coca-Cola commissioned Haddon Sundblom to come up with a Santa for their Christmas ad campaign.  The artist is said to have taken inspiration from the poem, "A Visit From St. Nicholas".

Clement Clarke Moore's Famous Christmas Poem Is Known By A Different Name

  • In 1823, when Moore wrote, A Visit From St. Nicholas, he could never have known that his opening line would become the most famous line in the poem, and another title for that poem, Twas The Night Before Christmas.

One Of America's Favorite Christmas Movies Totally Bombed In Theatres

  • In 1947, It's A Wonderful Life tanked at the box office.  It wasn't until it was released to television in 1974 that it became one of the most loved Christmas movies ever.

How Did Christmas Trees Get Their Start? From The History Channel

  • It's believed that German's started it in the 16th century.  The first records of Christmas Trees being cut for display in The United States was in the 1820's.
Snowy background with a christmas tree and presents outside and a montana with a snowflake in it

Was A Christmas Song Really The First Song Played In Space?

  • Yes.  According to Guinness World Records, in 1965, the first song played in space was on December 16, 1965 on the Gemini 6A space flight was Jingle Bells

Why Do People Kiss Under The Mistletoe?

  • According to the History Channel, in the 18th century, Mistletoe made it's way into Christmas celebrations with the servant class.  It's said that men could kiss any woman they wanted if she was standing under the mistletoe.  Another legend says that people are allowed to steal a kiss, remove a berry, steal a kiss and do that until the berries are gone from the mistletoe.

When Did The Term X-Mas Come To Be?

  • It's said this dates back to the mid 1500's from the Greek letter X which is also the first letter in the Greek word for Christ.

What Was The First Christmas Candy?

  • Even though I can't find anything definitive, when the first Christmas Candy is googled, it comes up candy canes.  The History Channel says the legend of the candy cane goes all the way back to the mid to late 1600's.  A choir master in Germany handed out sugar sticks with the end bent like a Shephard's hook to keep the boys in the choir quiet during the Living Creche ceremony.
Two candy canes tied together with christmas ribbon and mistletoe and a montana with a christmas tree in it

What Are The Biggest Shopping Days For Christmas?

  • It's not Black Friday.  It's the Friday and Saturday before Christmas.  Now that I know, I know when I won't be shopping if I can help it.

The Famous Red-Nosed Reindeer Almost Had A Different Name

  • Rudolph's creator, Robert L. May, was also thinking about Rollo and Reginald before he decided on Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Is It True People In Japan Eat KFC For Christmas?

  • In the 70's, KFC ran a marketing campaign to get people to have a bucket of KFC for Christmas.  It worked so well, its a tradition and many families place their KFC orders for the holiday well in advance to make sure they have all those secret herbs and spices for their Christmas celebration.

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