Perusing Facebook today, I see the Great Falls Public Library did a post thanking an anonymous donor for a very generous book donation for the children's section of the library.  Neat, right?

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Before I begin my Ted Talk, I really want you to know this:

These books DO belong in the library.  Every library.

Now, let's take a look at the books donated by our generous benefactor.  Someone who is concerned with the health and well being of children in Cascade County.  Bless their little Brave Books heart.  (Brave Books is a Faith-Based publishing company, that on their website says, "Pro-God, Pro-America".  That's amazing if you're religious.)

Amazon Books//Canva
Amazon Books//Canva

More Than Spots and Stripes, from Amazon:

"In Book 5 of Saga 1, BRAVE Books and the Hodgetwins have come together to discuss the harmfulness of Critical Race Theory (CRT) through the story More Than Spots and Stripes."

Freedom Day The Asher Way, From Amazon:

"Asher's sure this will be the best Freedom Day ever—even though he's running low on funds. After all, Asher can just tweak the market and make everything he wants cheaper. Join Asher as he learns that a free market is better for both buyers and sellers."

Little Lives Matter, from Amazon:

" tackle the topic of Sanctity of Life in our story Little Lives Matter, which tells the story of Momma Bear and her beloved son Mobi, born with only one front paw which makes motherhood and Mobi’s development even more difficult. However, Momma Bear won’t give up on Mobi even when Culture the Vulture offers her an easier life."

Amazon Books//Canva
Amazon Books//Canva

Paws Off My Cannon, from Amazon:

"discuss the importance of the Second Amendment through the story Paws Off My Cannon. This story follows Bongo, a daring and hungry gorilla, who loves eating food, especially mushroom-shaped cupcakes. But one day, a villainous hyena shoots a coconut at Bongo and his friend Bonnie, so upset at this misuse of coconut cannons that she suggests the village ban all coconut cannons. Bongo thinks that the hyenas are the problem, not the coconut cannons."

Elephants Are Not Birds, from Amazon:

"to tackle the intense topic of gender in our book Elephants Are Not Birds, which follows the story of an Elephant named Kevin. Most can see that there is a distinct difference between an elephant and a bird but in this story, we'll see that even those lines are blurred when the lies of Culture the Vulture are accepted as truth."

The Fight For Freedom Island, from Amazon

"the fundamental topic of FREEDOM through the picture book, The Fight for Freedom Island. How was Freedom Island formed and who will defend it when the original founders are too old to do so,  will the next generation of warriors stand up for the freedoms their founders fought so hard to create?"

This is What I'm Proposing to You, Dear NOT RADICALIZED Parent and Concerned Citizen

How about we each donate just ONE book. 

One book that talks about why America needs to talk about Critical Race Theory, or ONE book that talks about an LGBTQ family, or ONE book where someone fights with words, not weapons, ONE book that talks about what it means to be transgender,  ONE book that talks about how trickle down economics has been proven NOT to work and how the rich keep getting richer off the backs of the poor, or ONE book about the horrible choice that is abortion?

I think we can make a real difference in the choices our children have to learn truth and tolerance.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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