Affordable homes are hard to find anywhere right now, even Great Falls, Montana.  Ever since the pandemic drove home prices through the roof and the Federal Reserve is driving interest rates up and up and up, owning a home is a dream most people may never achieve.

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We always talk about extravagant homes in our area, the ones that are out of reach for most of us.  But what about the most affordable home in Great Falls?  What can you get for a very small investment?

The Cheapest Home In Great Falls

Lifestyle Real Estate Firm has a listing for the cheapest home I could find in Great Falls: For $12,500 you could own your own home.  That's less than my car cost.

A mobile home for sale in great Falls montana with a for sale and sold sign pile in the background
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Details On This Home In Great Falls, Montana

The mobile home is located at  2010 River Drive North, in Big Stack Mobile Home Court.

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • 840 Square Feet/$14 per Square Foot
  • MLS Listing ID: 30014943
  • Lifestyle Real Estate Firm is handling the property
  • Built in 1972
  • Annual taxes (2023) $156
  • Couldn't find a lot rent price for the property

Tour the home here:

Cheapest Home For Sale, Great Falls, Montana, November 2023

Cheapest Home For Sale, Great Falls, Montana

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

A person doesn't need a lot of capitol or huge down payment to get into this home.  It may not be super extravagant with tons of amenities, but it would be all yours.  Sometimes that "all yours" thing is all that matters in the end.

My Fear With Sharing This Listing

I feel this is a great home for someone looking to get started in life.  A young man or woman looking to invest in their own future.  What I'm afraid will happen is one of these real estate investment people or firms will pick up this home, that CLEARLY is not a $1,500 a month home, and rent it out for that price.  Great Falls doesn't need more of that.

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