Well, week number three of AA football is complete.

Should there be panic or despair or celebration come on! Be real Rustler and Bison fans! There is a lot of the season in front of us yet.


Consider this number one CMR and Great Falls High have identical records at two and one.

Number two, there has been only one conference game to date.

Number three, the anointed AA champion lost in Butte last weekend.

Number four, last year's champion probably won't even win their own crosstown this season.   The reality is that each team controls the outcome from here on in.

Number one focus your strength, number two, shut down the noise from the outside and go win your games.

CMR Rustlers

After opening 2-0 the CMR wrestlers we're hoping to defeat the snake bitten Billings West Bears who were 0-2.   The script got flipped when the Bears with their quarterback and trio trio of receivers, found their stride and lit up the memorial stadium scoreboard for 49 points. After a competitive first half the wrestlers had no answer to recoup their scores. Pass rush was in effective. The running game had evaporated, and the pass defense caught flat-footed. Plenty of issues for Coach Morris to address this week but with the energy in the talent CMR demonstrated in those first two weeks should give the faithful plenty to be looking forward to. The youth in the CMR lineup will be anxious to demonstrate to friends and family and fans that they are capable of more W's in the upcoming weeks. I personally see some very winnable games in the future but first let's heal our wounds from this 49 to 14 contest and get ready for a difficult trip to the Gallatin Valley to take on the Raptors.


Great Falls High Bison

As for the Bison, squashed like a bug in week number one and a big blowout against tailgate and top it off with a conference win in Belgrade "so what, big deal" some fans will shout. Let's not get above our raisin'. There are some first class real deal AA matchups ahead the AA East is now well aware of Coach Tchida's running tandem and will scheme to stymie that attack Ryder English, and Isaiah Brown are no longer anonymous. Winning does solve a lot of problems, and when your team can recover from a beating at the start to dish it out, confidence will reign supreme. The Bison are good and now they know what the team has had these three games to develop their personnel, their timing, and their scheme for success. Congratulations on the 56 to 14 conference win. More will be coming on Friday as we set the stage for two headline games CMR travels to take on Gallatin and the Bison at home to ground the Bozeman Hawks.  Catch that game at 7pm Friday night on 99.9 Big Sky Sports or on the Big Sky Sports App.

Written by Bob McNamee

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