It's certainly a fun time to grab a little kids hands and help them encapsulate their little tiny hands forever in a flat of level freshly poured concrete.

It's always heartwarming to either see hands or family names of people who etched it in a lifetime ago. It's like a time capsule of a snippet of time of a family or even your family of love ones departed.

One sees it on the back patio or the front porch, but what about a freshly poured sidewalk, can a person put hands in or write their name into the wet concrete.

I sure you could and get away with it, is anyone going to tell a kid doing that no? Maybe, but highly unlikely.


Can grown-ups get in trouble for letting their kids "technically" commit vandalism and deface a new sidewalk?

According to people asking around the internet, yes, if one defaces city property like a sidewalk, one can be subjected to the fines and trouble involved with vandalism and Criminal Mischief.

The State defines Criminal Mischief as:

45-6-101. Criminal mischief. (1) A person commits the offense of criminal mischief if the person knowingly or purposely:

-injures, damages, or destroys any property of another or public property without consent.

-without consent tampers with property of another or public property so as to endanger or interfere with persons or property or its use.

I'm sure everyone is safe from someone telling on you for dipping hands in a wet sidewalk. However it might be a little safer to etch a memory on a pad within your property or on a movable concrete form.

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