Drones are pretty cool, right? Sure!

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It's a great hobby and it's a cool way to grab some neat camera aerial shots of a property or terrain that is quite accessible by foot, or Maybe a fun day at the park to practice flying skills or just to be entertained.


Before you buy a drone and fly it around everywhere, there are some things to consider.

  • What kind of drone can I buy?
  • Is the place I'm living allow drones to be flown at all?
  • Are there permits or licenses to get?

These are all good questions when living in Great Falls.

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Some places like Great Falls may have certain airspaces that are restricted due to Malmstom Air Force Base and won't allow any sort of flight within it's regulated space.

Great Falls in is under Class D airspace standards.

Class C Standards according to The FAA:

Class D airspace is generally airspace from the surface to
2,500 feet above the airport elevation (charted in MSL)

surrounding those airports that have an operational control


Most of the time one has to obtain proper LAANC authorization, which according to the FAA is:

Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, a collaboration between FAA and Industry. It directly supports UAS integration into the airspace. LAANC provides: Drone pilots with access to controlled airspace at or below 400 feet. Awareness of where pilots can and cannot fly.

One can obtain this authorization at any airports participating in LAANC. I assume one can get clearance in Great Falls, but you can check all participating airports here.

Also download the B4UFLY app to check on restricted airspaces BEFORE you fly.

Which you can download for:


Just a reminder, these apps CANNOT get you that LAANC authorization. That is totally separate.

So yes, I imagine one can fly a drone in Great falls, Just check all the rules beforehand.

Have Fun!

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