Maybe you have seen it on a viral video. Someone saving a parking spot by standing in it, waiting for a driver to arrive. The one usually taking video of the situation is a person in a vehicle trying to park in that spot.

@niccoiceA whole family was STANDING in a public parking stall to reserve a spot for their friend or family member. The Newport Beach Police Department was called, an officer was dispatched. When the officer arrived, he informed the family they are not allowed to do this as it is breaking municipal code. In the end, we were able to get the spot. I stopped recording once the Officer arrived. We hope our actions will discourage this Family from doing this again. We also hope this video will discourage others from doing this.♬ original sound - Niccoice

Everyone knows that when it comes to a parking spot it's usually, "first come, first serve".

Some people think it's okay to unofficially reserve a spot for someone not there to take it, but Is it Illegal in Montana?

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Looking around on the internet, I didn't find a Montana code specifically stating the legality of obstructing a parking spot anywhere. However, in some places with bigger cities there are such as Texas, Washington they do have laws on the books for such actions.

Even though there is no present law in Montana, maybe ask yourself in the event you find yourself standing in a parking spot to save it.


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