What if there was a way to help with the onset of Demetria and Alzheimer's Disease in Montana?

Statistics from The Alzheimer's Association state that 22,000 people aged 65 and older are living with Alzheimer’s Disease in Montana, as well as 9.8 percent of people aged 45 and older have subjective cognitive decline.

What if you could extend the memories of your loved ones with a process that can be done at home while they are sleeping and even just breathing?

According to an article from Science Daily, There is a way improve an memory and even reverse some symptoms just by breathing in aromas either while sleeping at home.

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The University of California - Irvine summarizes their findings in the article:

When a fragrance wafted through the bedrooms of older adults for two hours every night for six months, memories skyrocketed. Participants in this study reaped a 226% increase in cognitive capacity compared to the control group. The researchers say the finding transforms the long-known tie between smell and memory into an easy, non-invasive technique for strengthening memory and potentially deterring dementia.

They conducted the experiment at The University of California-Irvine Center for the Neurobiology of Learning & Memory.

Apparently the sense of smell can deteriorate in memory loss patients, and this detection can help diagnose a great number of neurological psychiatric diseases.

They have found that these forty scents they used helped with memory, speech, the ease of depression and helped olfactory capacities. They developed the dementia-fighting" tool and narrowed scents down to seven to make it easier for patients to experience the procedure. They hope in the future they can help with the loss of scent and correct it like glasses correct vision.

If this were to become common place would you or a loved one participate? Let us know.

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