Self Check-Out

I'm a self-checkout person. I don't like making small talk.  I'm not very good at it and I hate it.  One way to avoid it is to check myself out at the store.  You will see me use it whenever it's offered.

Light by a till that says Self Checkout so customers know where to go


Receipt At The Door

Every time a person uses self-checkout, the camera's are on you like crazy.  Then, at some stores, when you get to the door, someone may ask to see the receipt.  Neither one of those bother me. I get that not only is shoplifting bad in general, there have been literal gangs of people in larger cities going into stores and robbing the store blind, flash-mob style.  These flash-mob heists have gotten so bad that it's forced stores across the United States to permanently close their doors in some neighborhoods.

For some people, asking to see the receipt on the way out the door is rage inducing. I've seen it on line where people say it's a violation of rights or they've already paid so they're not showing the receipt, or one of nearly a million excuses as to why a business who pays for items to offer to you for sale, should not make sure those items are being paid for before they leave the store.  I think it's a bit shopliftery to not want to show your receipt, ( It's not saving time to argue instead of show the receipt.) but whatever you believe in is fine.

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Store receipt and a hand holding it

Is It Legal To Ask To Check A Receipt?

According to The Sun: Yes, it is perfectly legal.  UNLESS, they break one of these rules:

  • It must be non-discriminatory 
  • They can not detain you or use force to see your receipt, without reasonable cause.

If a retailer does either of those 2 things, then it's illegal.

What Do I Do If A Retailer Discriminates or Tries To Detain Or Block Me?

Contact management for a meeting, and get a lawyer.

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