In Great Falls we see are fair share of weird things as well as weird monuments, art installations, random messages on wood palates and vehicles parked on 10th avenue.

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However, something popped up on the Missouri River by Broadwater Bay next to the train bridge about two and a half years ago.

It's right about here on the map.

google maps/ canva
google maps/ canva
Big Billy
Big Billy

Without actually braving the river and going out there to inspect, it seems to be 3 bikes bolted or mounted to the old dead tree out there. Two adult-sized bikes and one small kids bicycle.

No one seems to have an idea when they officially went up, the purpose of them, or who actually went out there to do it.

Many say that it's an obvious art piece, some think that the bikes were stolen and put there. Another person thinks that they were put there to memorialize people that have lost their lives in the river in past years.

It seems to have occurred during the winter while the river was frozen over, and people have seen them as early as December of 2020. It was talked about it on social media a bit because people were quite perplexed including The Great Falls Police Department.

From ABC Fox Montana, the news affiliate spoke with Lieutenant Doug Otto back in 2020:

“I'm not sure if they'll get removed or what the deal is. I can't even tell if it would be a violation of any sort. Nobody got hurt, we had nobody call in distress so somebody was able to get them out there without any problems”, says Lieutenant Doug Otto.

As of May 2023, the bikes are still attached to the dead tree and still no one knows why they are really there.

I'll chalk it up to a quirky art piece. Do you know why they're out there? Let us know what you think on social media.

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