Looking for a great CASUAL bar to wet your whistle?  Somewhere where you can relax and enjoy a drink, maybe some food, great company and it won't break the bank?  Then this is the list you've been waiting for.

While getting fancy is nice, (and I'll do a post on the more upscale places around town soon) one thing Montanans love is being casual.  No dress code, cold beer and fun.

The bars I've chosen are all in and around Great Falls, Montana, known for food, service, or just known because they have a stellar reputation.

In no particular order, I recommend:

Aces Tavern

On the west side of town with Howard's Pizza as a partner how can you go wrong?  I love Aces because it's dark and they have pool and darts and did I mention Howard's Pizza?

City Bar

If you haven't been to the City Bar, have you really been anywhere in Great Falls?  Not only do they have a great lunch, they are the go-to place at Christmas for Tom and Jerry's.

Club Cigar

I absolutely love the atmosphere of this bar and the actual BAR in the place is a work of art.  They're also very close to Tracy's Family Diner, which is nice.

Frontier Inn

I've never been, but I have a couple of good friends who swear by the place.  One of them only drinks beer at the Frontier because, "they have really strong drinks".  You do what you need to do with that information.

Hi-Ho Tavern

The only bar I've ever been kicked out of.  No, it honestly wasn't me, but you are who you hang out with right?  A great place to grab a drink and a bite and visit with friends.

Johnny's Bar

This is a great bar hidden away between 2 one ways in Great Falls.  My experiences there have been wicked good.  Great bartenders and the best bar pizza ever.  They even have a drive through liquor window.

Lido Bar

There is no way I can do a post about casual bars in Great Falls and leave out the Lido.  It's the only place I've ever had a friend sleep in while we were there.  They've got reasonably priced drinks and pool.

Little Chicago Club

This is a bar I've always meant to check out.  I'm told they have excellent food and drinks, live entertainment and even a patio for summer.

North 40 Bar

I've never been here, but those who have swear by the food, the great drinks, the atmosphere and I'm told it's a great place to take in a game.

Sidetrack Bar

This is a great little neighborhood bar with ice cold beer and really good food.  I used to go there with my parents way back in the day.


Snits takes being a dive bar to a whole new level.  It's a fun place to go for a burger and a beer.  They have great service, too.

The Do Bar

Back when I was a kid, it was called the "It'll Do Bar" and it was in a completely different location. The Do Bar is great for so many reasons.  There's a lot of seating, food, a banquet hall, and live entertainment.

If you check any of these out, hit me up on the app and let me know what you think.  And remember, always tip your bartender!

Feeling a bit fancy? Check this out.

Outstanding Casual Bars In Great Falls, Montana

Outstanding Casual Bars In Great Falls, Montana

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