Boating in Montana is a great way to spend time whether you're fishing, swimming or just floating. It's hard to beat a day on a boat.


All of that boating fun does come with a level of responsibility.  There are certain things that you, a responsible boater, need to do to help keep Big Sky Country safe from invasive species, and make it a pleasant experience for all boaters where you are that day.

Boating/Fishing Checklist

  • Have everything you want in the boat IN the boat before you hit the ramp so you can unload the boat quickly
  • While on the water and after you're back to the dock, make sure to remove any plants or anything else from the lake.  Best bet, throw them back in.
  • Dispose of live bait in the trash, not the lake.  You don't want to accidentally introduce a new species
  • When leaving, drop your motor, empty the pump and wipe it down.  Be sure and put it back up before you leave
  • Open the plug on the boat and leave it open so it thoroughly drains
  • Check and clean waders or boots
  • No matter what watercraft you use, boat, jet ski, paddle board or kayak, stop at every water inspection station
  • If you think you caught a record-breaker report it to Fish Wild Life and Parks here

This simple checklist will ensure a great day out on the lake, all while being a responsible Montana boater.  It's things like this that will leave Montana pristine for generations to come.

Let someone else pilot the boat:

Many Glacier Boat Tour, Glacier National Park, Montana

Many Glacier Boat Tour, Glacier National Park

Maybe live in a boat:

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