Average age of vehicles?

In Montana, I've found a car is a car and should be reliable in both the hot summer as well as the cold winter.

The average age of cars thought made me think of the "cash for clunkers" program where people could trade in there clunker for money towards a new more eco-friendly car.


That program was fairly popular in places, but apparently not for Montana.

According from a cart seen on eupedia.com, in Montana, The average age of a vehicle is more than 17 years old.


It's remarkably different from the rest of the country. According to the statistics from eupedia.com, the rest of the country doesn't even compare to Montana with vehicle age. Wyoming and Idaho are the only ones that come close.

Older cars are never a surprise to me as an option in Montana. Used cars are a big deal around here, if it is a good deal and it runs well, we would prefer to go with an alternative to a big lengthy car payment that a new vehicle would bring to an income.


My car fits into the average. I drive a 2002 Honda Accord. A reliable 2 door vehicle that is very dependable both in summer and winter with an amazing miles to the gallon ratio.

Do you have a dependable car 17 years or older and are proud of it?

Let us know what make it is and comment on the average age of vehicles here in Montana on our social media page.

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