Date night at home?  Why not.  Try these fun ideas to get your romance on and never leave your house.

First And Most Important

If you have kids in the house, send them to someone else for the night.  An overnight sitter, grandparent, aunt, uncle anyone you trust.  Make sure you have the whole place to yourself, even if it's only 12 hours.

Meal prep service

There are lots of meal prep services online that you can take advantage of to put some spice back into your romance.  There's Home Chef, Hello Fresh, Blue Apron and lots more, just search meal kit delivery.  Choose the meal together that you want to make, then get cozy in the kitchen as you whip up your swoon worthy dinner for 2.

Add to the romance with a special playlist you put together, or maybe sing along to your favorites while you cook together.

Pregnant woman and happy man in the kitchen

Couple cooking

Pregnant woman and happy man in the kitchen


You could have a wild night of scrabble, play some games on line, or how about a wicked game of cribbage?  Friendly competition can be fun and it's a great way to get endorphins in gear. There are all kinds of ways to make your own sultry rules to dial up the romance.

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Binging TV

There is just something about cuddling up with your favorite person on the couch and watching your favorite movie or tv show.  Maybe choose things a little more on the romantic side just to remind the both of you why you're there.

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Binging TV


There is never a bad time to dance.  Move some furniture and turn your room into a dance floor for 2.  It doesn't always have to be slow dancing either.  Get a little frisky while frolicking.

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Build A Romantic Fort

Who says a fort can't be full of romance? Grab lots of fluffy pillows and soft blankets and bring out your inner kid grown-up style.  Build your fort in the living room and make a cozy little cubby for your romantic in home date night.

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Minus the child, plus 2 adults

Decided to take it on the town?

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