Summer is officially here for kids and some parents in Montana, however some work throughout the day unable to give kids rides to the pool or to friends houses to play during the day.

One idea is to get bus passes for everyone, and they can use public transportation to get places. The only drawback is safety issues of being alone and getting separated from an older sibling if they have separate destinations or getting to a bus on time. Missing the bus can be disastrous.


Another idea is to have your kids ride their own Uber with ride sharing. It seems like a logical step seeing as how you can pay for and track where you precious cargo is transported. They can get dropped off and picked up without the mess of missing their rides.

But, can kids legally take Uber on their own at this time in Montana?

According to a news report WTHR in Indiana, Uber is launching teen accounts and testing them in 14 cities across the U.S. so they can ride on their own.

According to the article, one the teen accounts are set up, they can hail rides and the parents can monitor when they hail, and where they are going with pin verification that cannot be shut off, and also have destination locks as well among other things.

Is this available in Montana yet?

As of this time it is unavailable in Montana, so we still have to accompany children for ride sharing.

We will update this story if and when it's available in Montana.

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