There are many things that one learns in school to prepare you for the working world and to be an adult. Without a formal education, people, cities, and countries suffer a great deal with infrastructure on so many levels, the biggest is managing civilizations as a whole like commerce and trade.

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According to the Bureau of Labor and statistics, the more you learn, the more you earn. On average, someone with a bachelors degree earns about $907 dollars a week with workers across the board. Education drops unemployment drops as well.

However, There are things in between those lessons that teachers imprint into people's heads that are less than useful in this day and age and were also useless over the last thirty or so years.

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My generation as a person in my mid thirties, were probably the last students to have to spend almost a quarter of the school year learning cursive. I feel somewhat lucky in the fact that I learned cursive as a student. It's not incredibly useless at all, but I'll have to say that it has not been that important in my day-to-day working environment as my teacher told me it would be.




Permanent Records

"This is going your PERMANENT RECORD!"

This one is universal for keeping kids in line, I'm not sure if administration uses this as a punishment tool these days. However, when I went to school, we would be incessantly threatened with this mysterious "permanent record" as a piece of tangible history that one did not want to stain or would never leave your orbit. It turns out they go into an Indiana Jones-style warehouse after you graduate never to be seen again.


Calculator usage

My teacher made me show my math homework every single time on account of that old yarn of "You wont always have a calculator in real life" and I still can't do some without a calculator or show my work! Jokes on them if they still pass this myth around because I do on occasion carry a TI-84 and the modern smartphone can calculate mostly anything you throw at it. How's that for real-world?



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