I believe whether or not you think about it consciously or not, the average person has goals. No matter how big or small, the degree of personal relevance, there is always something humans strive for.



Maybe one wants to just get through the day, maybe just be the old boy scout you grew up as and do a good turn daily. The aspirations can be vast as well, like having a family and a successful career.

I've read on the internet about people who have goals that they just have not made yet and are really trying to hit the mark. Some of them are mundane, some are grim, but most of them are aspiring and overall reasonable and match some of the goals I have and have had.


I have aspirations of stability, ability, piece of mind. Others are more hobbyish like having a rad vinyl record collection of which I'm well on my way.

Other people have some very ambitious goals they have for themselves that can expand stability, knowledge, and career. Some of the best are places that people would like to go.

Outer space seems like it would be a childish ambition, But, If that were true we would not have greats like Sally Ride, John Glenn, and Neal Armstrong. what status would the International Space Station be at if people didn't dream like that.


In this day in age something like owning a home is a dream to look towards, "Millennials"  and the younger generation seem to be in a place where that seems to be a distant dream that stretches farther than space travel.


Finding love, getting married and having a family was a big one I recognized right away. I had that ambition for a long time, I luckily met someone very special. For a long time I wasn't sure if it would happen ad it came unexpectedly.

Many people have goals they have yet to reach, with time they will appear. My advice is to just pay attention in case they creep up, you'll have to know what to do.

Do you have goals and aspirations that you have yet to fill? let us know on social media.

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