Call center calls, telemarketing and spam calls are unfortunately more and more  common these days and people are dealing with it in their own way.

There's a number of different grifts that people in the U.S. and around the world use to either get information or money from an unsuspecting victim. Most of what I hear from someone on the other end of the line are fake foundations for police, medicare scams, and the ever infamous notification of a vehicle's extended warranty or expiring insurance policy.


Most of all these calls people receive are either recorded with a computer guiding the recordings or someone asking from an apparent foreign country.

Lately Montanans are noticing an influx of these calls and are at points fairly frustrated at the amount they get in any given day.

Telemarketers getting worse
by u/Coyote_406 in Montana

When I look at the call location it says some kind of very small Montana town. If you've been to most small towns in this state you know they must be calling from the middle of a field.Some use VOiP or Voice Over Internet Protocol to spoof numbers that appear to be from Montana

Sometimes when I get calls, my first mistake is I answer then knowing that they are bogus calls just to mess with whomever is on the other end.

After that, I get a rash of calls like others do and I wasn't sure how the calls could stop.

In reality, the calls will not stop. However people in the Reddit post above have some types of remedies that are somewhat useful like only allowing calls from contacts on your phone, whoever isn't will go straight to voicemail.

There is also a government website, where after a few step will get you on the no call list.

Until then, take the spam calls in stride.

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