Every now and again, there things that disturb and upset a home owner.

That for me in this case is the individual stealing water from the tap in my front yard.

Time, and time again we have caught this person either red-handed or on our various home security cameras outside the house.

The first time we caught you in person, you lied to my wife stating that I gave you permission to use water either for drinking or bathing. I'll tell you here and now that I DID NOT give permission.

You continue to be documented by my security cameras and I'm about to call the Great Falls Police Department about it.

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I am not sure of what you are going through being in the problematic carousel of a household just a few houses down from mine and I'm not a person that would deny a much needed resource like water from someone in need. However, repeatedly coming onto our property unannounced, without permission, stealing a utility that I pay for is very intruding and unsettling.

At first, I thought that feeling angry about someone getting water from somewhere is selfish and stupid because every living being needs water to survive. After some thought and some advice, I came to the conclusion that it was okay to feel violated and unsafe for someone to continue to sleaze upon my property and steal something I pay for after we have been vocal about concerns over your trespassing.

If you would've asked, I most likely would have helped out, but we are past that.

There are water free water sources all over the city for you to take advantage of, it's just not located in my front yard.

If I see you, I will not hesitated to call you out.

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