Back when people were in their twenties, things seemed like they would go on forever.

Friendships, parties, good times, fly-by-night decisions and attitudes, and most of all health.

Many people look back on life in their twenties and wonder how they got out alive. Others apparently say it was a blur.

My twenties consisted of trying to find work in a gig economy, partying, going to concerts, moving every 8 to 10 months until I decided to go to college and riding my bike everywhere.

I never thought of how life would be now in my mid-thirties. The wasn't a care in the world. It was like a grown-up with a child's mind.

Others I've read about on the internet say that they ignored things like physical and mental health.

People regretting that they didn't take care of their teeth. Drinking and drugs played a factor and a surprising number of people say they ignored the signs of toxic relationships and stayed in them for a number of years. That goes along with people literally ignoring mental health issues and wondering what went wrong for so many years. I learned that therapy definitely does help.

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As I said before, I chased jobs around during a gig economy in the 2010's always worrying about rent, food, and having enough money for a good time, because that's what was important. (not really). Other people in their twenties worked their life away as well. As children we were told that hard work would pay off, but we didn't know is that the jobs we had at our disposal were knocking on the door legal free labor and like to say we loved it. but looking back it was nuts.

We all had no idea what was going on while at the same time, thinking we had it all figured out.

I'm just glad everything at this point is okay and we can all learn from it.

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