Can you imagine video games being around for 40 plus years? Well, they have been for much longer.

When I started playing video games, Sega and Nintendo held court in the digital kingdom and we played every game with little or no save points.

With all this new virtual reality, life-like gaming, are there some moments where you want to go back and play classic games and feel like a little kid again?



Let's head right back to 1983. Game play was right at the cusp of launching into the stratosphere. Arcade games were king, and the Nintendo Entertainment system wasn't going to be available for another two years in America even though it existed in some form in Japan. This was also the the same year everyone witnessed the video game Crash of 1983.

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According to Wikipedia, the game market was flooded with so much new material that there was no room for all the stock that was being sent out and when stores realized that they would not get any credit back for the stock, a lot of games were sold in bargain bins.

Even though all this happened, there were still cool titles coming out for you to experience like the original Mario Bros, Spy Hunter that was pretty much James Bond, Baseball, and two Donkey Kong games.

I wasn't around for any of this quite yet however, my parents held onto these and I spent hours playing mostly Pole Position 2 and Donkey Kong.


Give these games a look and comment on social media which one you played during their hayday.


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