It was 15 years ago today, 1/18/08, that I found my husband dead in our bed.  You know him as Dave the Morning Guy. To me, he was David William France, the love of my life.

Tammie Toren
Tammie Toren

Dave and Me

Station party around 2000-2001
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Dave woke Great Falls up for decades.

He was on K-99 with Fred Pfeiffer for a long time, and eventually made his way to the rock station.  When he was on the rock station, he started as Uncle Woody, and eventually dropped that moniker for Dave the Morning Guy.  I've never seen a radio announcer successfully change their name while on a station in my career, but that boy did it.

Miss his voice? I found these 2 old commericals

I don't talk about it much anymore.  The wounds are still there, and they'll never heal properly.

However, on this 15th anniversary of his death I've been wondering what he'd think or say or do on so many things.

The kids

All of the kids are so adult now and I think he'd be so proud.  And the kids have had so many kids.  I'd liked to have seen him with them.  He only got to meet Taylor and Kylee, his first 2 grands.

The station

The station Dave was on when he died has never really fully recovered from his absence. I think he'd be AMAZED at how far it's spiraled down from it's former glory.  He'd also be supremely pissed that his wife was kicking his rock ass with a low power station no less.  It was a tense enough night at home when the ratings came out and I beat him with K-99, and I beat him every time.

The Packers

Dear sweet baby Jesus I'm glad he hasn't seen any of the last couple of years.  My life and the life of my children would SUCK!

The World

I like to think that my staunchly conservative husband would see through all the BS the world has been through the last few years.  He was a huge fan of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly, so that's a crap shoot.

The Internet

I had to fight him to get a myspace, so who knows what that boy would be doing now. Probably complaining about not golfing or the Packers.

How you can remember Dave today

Give Blood.  He'd love that. Click here to make an appointment

You could stand in the street and yell, Red Means Go! or Go Pack Go!, if you like.

Above all, have a shot of CC and a Michelob Light and repeat 5 times.  That's what Dave would have done.

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