When I lived in Oregon, I learned that there is a mystique about Montana that's hard to break.  WE all know it's a great place to live, and to keep it that way, we keep a lot of things to ourselves, and feed on the BAD things about Montana.  Mainly winters being brutal if you're not accustomed to weather like that.

So many people in Oregon told me they were planning to move here at some point.  The thing I didn't get about that is that Oregon essentially IS Montana with an ocean.  It's not that different.  That dang mystique.

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Turns out a few celebrities think Montana is pretty awesome, too, and come here to vacation quite a bit. But a few of them are actual property owners.   They say a lot of what draws them is that even though we all know who they are, they can live life like they aren't famous here.  I think that says a lot about us as Montanans.  There's only one in ear shot of Great Falls, and no matter how many times I tried to goat him into doing it, David Letterman won't say what his favorite radio station is. But it's rumored that once, on the David Letterman show, someone said 97-9 and Letterman said "The River".

Ten Celebrities that live in Montana

Ten Celebrities that live in Montana

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We KNOW why WE love Montana.  Why people who've never been here?  I did some research, and this is what I came up with.  The pandemic and work from home, along with cheap real estate (I should say cheap to THEM real estate.), the outdoors and the show Yellowstone, (Seriously, people are moving here because of that show.) are making people leave their states, even Utah which isn't all that glamourous, and come here in droves.  They say most of our transplants are from California.  The Bay Area to be exact.  I just don't get that.  They're literally living up to the stereotype that every state that isn't California has given them.

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