Our wonderful state of Montana is full of the most beautiful views that the planet can offer. If you're planning a visit or have just moved here, you will be truly amazed with it's beauty.

I've lived here for my whole life and I have yet to visit 100 percent of the state, I may seem kind of silly that I have not, but Montana is vast. There's some places like Hidden Lake when the only way in is on foot or horseback and even then it can be tough. I flew a Cessna plane over the Bob Marshals when I was 16 years old, it took only minutes to survey the land from all the way up, but I imagined the terrain and put myself down there in my mind a could not picture the true landscape. The only thing I thought is when your there, you are truly "in the middle of nowhere".


If it wasn't for some people that hike and drive to some of these remote places, I feel like for those who somewhat stay on the beaten of places wouldn't see things like the beautiful landscape of eastern Montana. There are misconceptions that portray that area to be flat and just full of fields on the way to mid-western states when in fact there are some glorious mountain ranges and scenery that will take your breath away.

It's not to say that our plains and fields of gold are not something to behold. Next time you take highway 200 from Missoula to Great falls, pay attention during a sunny summer day when you exit the mountain ranges to the plains area and see the pure beauty of the world literally opening up for you.

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Montana's scenery will leave you breathless.

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