My dad LIVED for the days we'd take a family drive to Glacier Park.  He never really planned it out, we'd just hop in the car and go.  Those days are done.  To get into Glacier easily at West Glacier, St. Mary or Camas Road, you need a park pass AND an entry ticket reservation or service reservation.  If you do not have a reservation, you may enter at Many Glacier, Two Medicine and Polebridge.  Keep in mind, if there are a lot of visitors, especially at peak times of the day, you may be temporarily restricted from entry.

Take it from a girl who's been to Glacier more times than I can count, no matter which way you go in, you're going to see something new and exciting that you've never seen before.  Maybe take a new entry to see new things. Make the most of your day!  Be a tourist!  Stop for pancakes in Hungry Horse. Check out Hungry Horse Dam.  Stop at the shops, grab lunch and a few souvenirs and take loads of pictures and videos. Glacier is a little different every time I go.  Last time I went with Dad, I took a video of the fire damage and now, it's the only thing I have left with my dad's voice on it.  You just never know when it's the memory of a lifetime.

I know it seems like a lot, but it's worth every hoop you need to jump through to get views unlike any anywhere else in the entire world.  There's a reason Glacier Park was used as Heaven in "What Dreams May Come".

To make your trip to Glacier a bit easier, just  log on to to reserve your slot and enjoy!  It's amazing that heaven is right in our back yard.

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