Do you have the air of someone who eats caviar with every meal? Who takes private planes to Bermuda on a whim? Who dives into a large pool filled with gold to wake up in the morning, Scrooge McDuck-style?

Probably not - but think you'd be able to fake it for a day?

Yellowstone is Seeking Extras in Hamilton to Play "Extremely Wealthy Swanky Types"

Having not yet watched Yellowstone (I'm getting around to it, I swear!), it's been fun trying to piece together what this show is about based on the filming they've done around Missoula and the surrounding areas. They were just filming around the Missoula County courthouse a few days ago, and based on my investigate reporting from a few days before that, I can only assume that traffic cones play a key element in the story.

Now, a casting notice is out for local extras to play "Extremely Wealthy Swanky Types" on the show - so what does this mean? I think it means that Yellowstone Season 5 will be a major pivot for the show, in which it turns into a slobs-vs.-snobs Animal House-style comedy where the rowdy Dutton gang have to head back to college and rebel against the strict rules of the crusty old dean. If we get any word about them filming on the University of Montana, you'll know I was right.

The scene for the above casting notice will film on June 14th in Hamilton. If you'd like to submit to be an extra, just email and write "Green Iguana - Fresh Face" in the subject line. You'll also need to submit a photo of yourself, your full name, age, phone number, and the town you're coming from.

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