Mother's day is coming up fast, fellow Montanans.  It's the perfect time to talk about what most moms REALLY want.

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I'm a mom, and I can tell you just hearing from my kids on Mother's Day is really enough.  I'm not just giving you the standard mom answer, "your love is all I need" BS either.  It's nice when I hear from my kids.  No flowers, candy, cards or gifts are needed.  However, if you DO want to get mom something, maybe this will help.

Most of the websites I visited said the number one thing a mom wants is:

Alone time

Stop clutching your pearls and telling your friends how you live to spend every spare second with your littles.  It's perfectly ok to want some solitude.  Nobody blinks an eye when dad is down in the basement all day every Sunday, ALONE.  Asking for one day a year of peace and quiet does NOT make you a bad mom.  In fact, I'd argue that a mentally healthy mom is the best mom.

My suggestion?  Get your mom a hotel room.  I'm totally serious.  If you're feeling extra generous, fill that room with snacks and schedule a masseuse.  While she's gone, CLEAN THE HOUSE.  It will be a day she'll always remember.  And your mom will come home refreshed, a lot happier and you'll be her favorite forever.  Of course she won't tell the others, but you'll know.


What mom doesn't want:

I was surprised to see that flowers, store bought cards and chocolates were mentioned on nearly every list. I'm going to double down on the store bought cards.  With as expensive as they are, you could get me a nice iced coffee from a great shop, and probably come out cash ahead.

Whatever your plans for your mom are this Mother's Day, know that just hearing from you shows us how much you care.  Above and beyond that is just a bonus.

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