My mom recently had jury duty here in Great Falls.  She regaled me with tales from the courtroom as to what the case was about, but it was what happened in the jury deliberation room that made me want to write this article.  I think it's the perfect example of one of our biggest problems in Great Falls, child abuse.

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Just look at this article Pat Frisch did in April:

A Synopsis Of Trial Facts

A Great Falls man was charged with kicking his 6 year old son in the stomach leaving bruises and pushing his 80+ year old step-father down and knocking him unconscious.

Briefly, the father and son were playing video games and the console stopped working.  After waiting for the dad to fix the console, the son started acting up on the couch, and his father kicked him in the stomach.  He went to tell his grandma, and that's when the man's step father confronted him about kicking the 6 year old and was shoved down after the man said something to the affect of "What are you going to do about it?".  He knocked his step-father out.

Jury Deliberations

Mom said that all but 3 of the jurors were voting guilty from the first vote.  I asked what the other 3 were worried about, and that's when mom said that, "They kept saying that the father kicked the kid by accident."

Are.  You.  Kidding.

THIS.  THIS RIGHT HERE is why people in Great Falls seem to feel so comfortable beating their children, some times to death.  Remember when the airman threw his baby against the wall a few years back?

No one kicks someone IN THE BELLY, WHEN THEY'RE ON A COUCH, by accident. AND THEN turns around and roughs up a man in his 80's.  WTH?


Ultimately, The Man Was Found Guilty

However, it wasn't without about 3 hours of arguing.  When will we stop excusing poor parenting?

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