Why?  Why in this digital age, am I getting phone books and community directories delivered to my home in Great Falls?

Tammie Toren//Canva
Tammie Toren//Canva

Why Does This Bother Me So Much?

First, I hate mail.  Unless I order something on line, there's only about a week of the month where I get anything I actually need in the mail, and that's bills. (And really, when are they going to stop paper bills completely and go on line?  But that's another rant for another day.)  Otherwise it's just junk mail and flyers.  Usually I take things directly from my mailbox to the trash.  Back when I had a fireplace, I used it to help start kindling.

Second, what an incredible waste of money and paper.  There are so many other, BETTER, ways to get the word out in the world we live in.  There are radio stations, like ours, that can directly hit the demographic you need digitally.  The way that 95 percent of consumers get their information now.

Why Am I Writing About This?

I figure the more we talk about it the faster it will go away.

I can't imagine the sales pitch that gets people to buy ads in a PHONE BOOK.  A phone book.  When was the last time you used one?  One quick google search, and every business in your living radius is at the tip of your fingers.  What good is a phone book now days, really?  I'd like to hear the argument that DOESN'T include making a living off the ads in a book that one out of a hundred people will open.

Thanks to coming to my "things that are severely outdated" Ted Talk.

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