Area residents have been enjoying baseball games at Centene Stadium in Great Falls since 1940.  A lot of things have changed since then, especially the name of the team:

According to Wikipedia from 1948-1963, They were called The Great Falls Electrics.  From 1969-1983 the team was known as the Great Falls Giants, 1984-2002 our baseball team was called the Great Falls Dodgers, from 2003-2007 we knew them as the Great Falls White Sox and since 2008, the Great Falls Voyagers.


One thing that hasn't changed all that much is the turf.   According to Montana Sports Centene Stadium hasn't had all new turf in 60 years.  On opening day, when you're at the ballpark, you'll see brand new turf.

That isn't the only change coming this year.  According to Scott Reasoner, Voyagers General Manager, there's been a lot of private investment at the club in the last 10 plus years that has kept the facility amazing.  Now they're ready for the next step.  Turf is just one thing the baseball club is working on.

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There is a schedule change for Sunday games (Something your author feels is a long time coming.) so that all Sunday games will start at 11:30 a.m..  This gives the Voyagers room to do some really fun things like "Brunch and Baseball".  Now THAT'S the kind of brunch I can get behind!


All of these changes will help American Legion Baseball, Centene Stadium and fans of the Voyagers.  Centene Stadium is host to around a hundred thousand people who enjoy professional and amateur baseball in Great Falls.

Here's to a great 2023 season for our Great Falls Voyagers.  We look forward to the changes and enjoying some time at the ballgame.

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