People are drinking water from random streams and springs and they are getting sick. I mean, c'mon. Who honestly saw that coming?

Have you ever had to explain something that you totally thought was just "common sense"? Don't stick your finger in the light socket. Don't tell your significant other they look fat in those jeans. Don't smoke meth. Some things in life seem pretty self-explanatory, right? Wrong.

Some folks in Montana (we assume out-of-state transplants for obvious reasons) have taken to drinking "raw water". In short raw water is untreated water from streams, rivers, waterfalls, etc. In case you didn't know, you shouldn't drink it. More often than not this water could be teaming with viruses, bacteria, fecal matter, and more. And this will make you sick just like the folks in Sanders County that decided to drink raw water that pours from a concrete box near a railroad track.

According to 

Nineteen people fell ill with a diarrheal disease in Montana last year after drinking untreated water that many believed to be from a natural spring but which was, in fact, just creek drainage brimming with pathogenic bacteria. - arstechnica

Inside this concrete box was something else other than water. Buried in the back was a bird's nest. (You can view it on the website above) Would you filter your water through a bird's nest? No, because you'll contract Campylobacter Bacteria. Which is exactly what happened to those nineteen people. A quick Google search of the symptoms that come along with it does not look very fun at all.

So, in closing, I'll go ahead and say it. Unless it's a dire survival situation, please don't just drink water from random sources.

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